Warranty Program

 At Infinique, we take pride in delivering high performance reliable products and believe in continuous product improvements. All our products are designed, engineered, and  manufactured to strict standards, backed by industry leading product warranties.  When Infinique Structured Cabling system is installed by an Infinique Channel Partner, we offer product warranties, and assurance that the certified structured cabling system performance will meet and exceed all relevant global cabling system standards.  Should any warranty related issues arise, Infinique will work directly with its Channel Partners to resolve them.

Infinique Structured Cabling System

Infinique’s 25-Year System Warranty applies to Infinique’s Copper and Fiber Systems and covers End-to-End Cabling Link Performance from patch panel to outlet as defined in ANSI/TIA/EIA. 568-B and ISO 11801 Standards. The electrical performance of installed product(s) will continue to perform to the level at which it was originally designed and field tested. The length of Warranty Coverage extends for a    period of twenty five (25) years from the Project initiation date.  The Infinique System Warranty is only available when the said system is designed, supplied and installed by an Infinique Channel Partner. 

Infinique Video Surveillance System

Infinique offers a 2 year warranty for its Video Surveillance Products both Analogue and IP Surveillance.  This covers Analogue Cameras, IP Cameras, Digital Video Recorders and Network Video Recorders.

For detailed information about Infinique’s Warranty Program, please contact Infinique directly or Infinique’s Channel Partner.