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Quality Statement

At Infinique, we focus on providing high quality products for a wide range of structured cabling and video surveillance solutions that help our customers realize true business value through a process of continuous improvement of both design and manufacture.

Quality Management Systems

In fulfilling the above objective, Infinique's manufacturing facilities use high standards of manufacturing process control and quality assurance that are the elements of a quality management system. An important aspect of quality assurance is the collection and analysis of data that measure the quality of the raw materials, components, products, and assembly processes. To implement this, Infinique manufacturing facilities comply with ISO 9001 standards by developing good data collection and analysis techniques during the design, development, and production stages. Some of the techniques which we follow to improve product quality during our manufacturing process are:

  • Acceptance Sampling: This is conducted to decide whether a batch of product is of acceptable quality. Rather than testing 100% of the batch, a random sample of the batch is tested, and a decision about the entire batch is reached from the sample test results.
  • Statistical Process Control: In-process data or random samples of the output at various stages of the production process are collected to detect variations or trends in the quality of the materials or processes that may affect the quality of the end product. As the data is gathered during the production process, problems can be detected and prevented much earlier than methods that only look at the quality of the end product.
  • Troubleshooting Studies: If a problem is identified in the end-of-the-line product, a troubleshooting study is conducted to determine whether changes in certain inputs such as raw materials or process characteristics are associated with the output variables.

Our Quality Philosophy

Quality management at Infinique is an organization wide approach to understand the precise need of our customers and ensure that the effective design processes in place verify their needs. Our consistency in quality management processes guarantee the steady improvement of products through a more efficient planning of product life cycle and design resulting in very high quality products. Our quality philosophy is reflected in recognized certifications such as EN ISO 9001:2008

To get the best out of our quality approaches and tools, Infinique makes continued investment to develop or employ the expertise of professionals focusing on the following quality fundamentals:

  • Continued Improvement:
    Making performance improvement a perpetual objective
  • Customer Focus:
    Delivering customer value while anticipating future needs and potential markets
  • Leadership:
    Providing vision and direction, gaining commitment and achieving collective results
  • Channel Partners:
    Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships to enable value creation
  • People:
    Delivering maximum value through development and involvement of individuals working in a productive organizational culture
  • Business Process:
    Delivering results through business processes to increase efficiency